Electrical Control Panels

We are a well-known Manufacturer and Supplier of Electrical Control Panels. Electrical Control Panels provided by us are known for their dimensional precision and high efficiency. We make Electrical Control Panels available in varying specifications, so as to provide clients with the option of receiving their exact requirements. The range of Electrical Control Panels made available by the company includes APFC Panel, VCB Control Panel and AMF Control Panel.

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MCC Control Panels
As we can recognize by name MCC Control Panels are designed to control motor operations from one center. Each motor is provided with starters protected by switchgears. The starters mainly consist of contactors, overload relay or motor protection relay, push buttons, timers, etc. The starters protect against overloads and other faults such

PCC Control Panels
PCC Control Panels are backbone of any industry or any organization with the help of which the power is distributed. Power Distribution Boards are designed for the power distribution in different sections of an industry, Big building, organization etc. where only short circuit. Protection and overload protection are required. These

PLC Control Panels
When it comes to PLC Control Panels, the name of Juhi Electricals Pvt. Ltd. is recognized as a dependable Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier in market. These PLC Control Panels made with the finest materials and components so as to render flawless performance. The valuable customers can avail these PLC Control Panels in different

VCB Control Panel
VCB Control Panel is used to operate the H.T. breakers from remote place. VCB Control Panel also helps in protecting the system against earth fault overload and short circuit through o/c + EF relay. Many other protection-relays such as differential relay, transformer protection relay, negative sequence relay, over voltage/under voltage

AMF Control Panel is used to operate at two source power supply system, one main power supply and the second may be diesel generator power supply. The system of AMF Control Panel works with the fundamental that as the main source supply turns off, the signal goes to the starting system of the alternative power supply and it begins