Electrical Starters

We are a reputed Manufacturer and Supplier of Electrical Starters, in many specifications. The company provides Electrical Starters at the best prices in the market. We instill the features of durability and logical construction in our range of Electrical Starters. Electrical Starters provided by us can be availed in the form of Auto Transformer Starter and Slip Ring Starter.

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Auto Transformer Starter, which works in Delta formation, directs online and is used for initial high torque applications. With the help of Auto Transformer Starter, the motor is started at low voltage, in DOL formation, with the help of contactors and auto transformer at 60% /70% / 80%. We make Auto Transformer Starter available in desired

Slip Ring Starter is also used for high torque motors, but the speed in Slip Ring Starter is gradually increased with the help of contactors and external resistance provided in the rotor circuit. In the Slip Ring Starter, the stator winding is given full voltage from the beginning.

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